Radner Design Associates is a consulting firm providing landscape architectural, site planning and design services with the goal of creating elegant, cost-effective solutions in commercial, institutional, residential and public settings.  We shape the land to enhance the human experience in socially and environmentally responsible ways.

Our mission is to create trusted partnerships, working collaboratively with clients, consultants and contractors to deliver value, outstanding service and innovative, beautiful and environmentally sound places.

Our clients include public agencies, property owners, developers, institutions, corporations, architects and engineers.  We are proud that our client base primarily consists of return customers, and that we typically work on multiple projects with our clients.

We have been serving New England and the Northeast since 2001.


Project Feasibility Studies

Site selection and due diligence studies including zoning analysis, visual impacts, topography, soils and wetlands, solar and wind exposure, and utilities.

Master Planning

Development of conceptual site plans, illustrative drawings, project phasing, and opinions of construction cost.  Working alongside our clients and complementary professionals such as architects, engineers, and environmental consultants, RDA maps out long term land planning strategies such as the location of buildings, roads, parking, pedestrian and transit connections, recreational amenities and areas for preservation.  Low impact development strategies are mapped at this stage.

Site Planning

RDA generates detailed plans and specifications that describe construction materials and finishes.  We strive to enhance existing property assets such as open spaces and views; coordinate pedestrian and vehicular traffic; position site elements to maximize efficiency; and minimize conflicts and create synergy, all with environmental sensitivity. A complete set of finely detailed working drawings is generated for bidding and construction. 

Project Permitting

An increasingly complex permitting environment can result in costly and frustrating project delays.  RDA has a significant track record of helping steer projects through local and state authorizing agencies, including:

  • Zoning Boards of Appeal

  • Planning Boards

  • Conservation Commissions

  • Design Review Boards

  • Local and State Historic Agencies

We also provide peer review services to Massachusetts Cities and Towns so that local regulations are applied fairly and evenly across a wide pool of applicants.

Construction Phase Services

RDA helps ensure that projects are built according to our drawings and specifications by providing on-site observation of construction methods, materials, and practices, as well as procession payment applications, change order requests and construction change directives.


We strive to stay abreast of developments in sustainable design technology and low impact development practices.  As such, we deliver educational seminars to groups of professionals or to the public, and can tailor our presentations depending on the level of expertise of the audience.